How to get a Nigerian man to marry you, and FAST!!

Holla people, yeah yeah I know av been AWOL for a while but am back now….hopefully😀

So a friend of mine wey tink say I sabi everything was asking me what ways one could find a nija husband in the shortest possible time. I thought and thought and couldn’t get anything, so I asked questions and researched and I found that;

Getting a Nigerian man to marry you is the easiest thing in the world. This is your chance to stop being single and get a-mingling. These easy steps will get you married, bedded, bare foot and pregnant in less than a year, guaranteed or your money back.

1.– Be very religious. Nigerian men loveeeee them some religious girls. you don’t actually have to be, you just have to pretend that you are. Talk about the night vigils you go to every now and then. Slip in some passages from the bible, and verses from the Quran in random conversations even when they don’t fit in. Give him a Quran as a present. call him randomly for “morning prayers”. a Nigerian man will marry a woman who appears to be religious. fake it till you get that ring baby girl.

2– Pretend to be maternal. Pretend that you love children so much. especially other people’s children. coo at them at grocery stores, malls, lounges, planes. Talk about how much you love children. Carry his friends’ kids all day long. offer to help feed them. It doesn’t matter that you don’t love other people’s kids and think that children can be such d***s from a very early age, it should not matter. Pretend girl. You’re auditioning to be his baby popper, act like one.

3– You gats deny all them man them. Have you ever had sex? made out with someone? ummm…you don’t have to tell your nigerian man that. When you’re asked your body count is 1 or 2, never more than 3 though cos you’re already side stepping into ‘whoredom’. Never mind that your nigerian man’s count is like 54, who cares? he’s only out there doing everything in skirt so that he can impress you in bed. All of what he does is for you, you ingrate!! he’s out there putting his thing in everything in other to come home and please you in bed and you have the guts to say you have a body count of more than 3? If any man claims he has slept with you, cry and swear that you know no such man. Refer to rule number 1, start quoting religious verses about how your enemies are chasing you and shit.
I hear some girls subtract 7 from your body count, thats bullshit. You only have 3 choices: 1, 2, or 3, other than that, you might as well just remain single.

Unfortunately though, they all know one another and even though they don’t, they know someone who does and might catch you if your lying so biko just try and close ya legs small ehn..

4– A nigerian man has needs that only you can’t meet. You have to give him some penis room. Why are you being selfish? let men be men. Let them have wings to fly. Don’t be asking him why he came home late. You smell perfume on him, be happy that some girl is keeping him moisturized and smelling all good. That’s one thing you don’t have to do today. Let them have some fun girl, you just want that ring on your finger don’t you? relax.Tthat diamond that you can instagram, twitpic and use as dp with well manicured fingers is coming.

5– Endevour to be light skinned There is a popular Yoruba song that goes “omo pupa o, omo pupa la wa n fe; omo pupa o ju wo mo feran re o”
Most men will give their right arm to date and marry a light skinned girl. In the olden days (and now) light skinned girls attracted more suitors and their bride price were quite exorbitant. So if you want to get married sharp sharp, BLEACH, BLEACH BLEACH and do it well. Don’t worry MaryK foundation is just 1,500 and it’ll cover it all up when your face turns green, anything as long as u get the ring abi?

Let the record reflect that just because men find some of these unattractive- does not mean they will not attempt to sleep with you. Sleeping with you is a different ball game when compared with attraction.

The two are not mutually exclusive!

If your tired of spending yet another saturday in your father’s house do not be a;

1. Desperado!
These are the sort of girls that you find at every party, in every bar or night club. And if you’re confused; here are some pointers. They are wearing thick make up, chewing violently on fake gums and standing ALONE clutching unto their little purses! So we can already tell that they either don’t have cars or they didn’t come with anybody they could trust enough to hold their bags. Desperados don’t want to dance of course; except you have a striking age resemblance with their dads back in the village or you’ve got a tommy to remind them of theirs’ before they got an abortion. But not dancing doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate drinks!

‘Can I buy you a drink?’ “Of course”.

And while you do; she pretends to receive a call, in front of a loud speaker!

There’s nothing wrong in being bought a drink; but women who act as though they are entitled to a man’s wallet don’t last very long!

Go with your friends and buy at least one bottle of smirnoff abi wetin dem dey call am. Sip once in a while to moisten the lips.

2. Blackberry Beggar.

How a classy lady turns from her ‘whatever’ attitude before you got her PIN to posting sad and teary icons on her blackberry profile, beats me. I mean come on girls; whatever happened to your pride? I know you’re broke- but must the world know? Do you have to post all your problems to the new dude?

But I trust my Naija guys to say-

‘Eeyaa! It shall be well!’

One thing is certain; if he helps you with some money, he does so out of pity- which is not something you want a man dating you to feel for you. He should feel respect for you; so please respect yourselves. If you run to him for all your financial ish don’t be surprised when he tells u to “sare wa gba”, and ignores you afterwards. He don chop im investment be that.

To avoid unnecessary disgrace, buy a ‘kolo’ and save 100naira a day. Don’t worry when he puts the ring on it, u wee spend and buy as much as you want. Just pretend in the meantime and do it well!

3. Gbabe:

Granted, most men want girls who have Indian blood running in their veins; but they’re not stupid enough to know that they can’t all have that. Gbabes are girls whose hairs remind me of the tenants of the psychiatric hospital opposite Shade’s house.

I know we can’t all afford to wear the expensive lace wigs and Brazilian hair that Omotola or Patience Jonathan wears- but why not thank God for the Aba boys? They have made some extension braids and ‘Brazilian hair’ affordable for peanuts…

My last boyfriend dumped my ass cos he couldn’t stand my ‘adimole’ so trust me, I know. It doesn’t have to be it, it just has to look like it. Most of em sef no know the difference.

4. Wolverine:

*Hums* “Sometimes shave your legs, sometimes don’t’. That’s cool and all but your going to need to shave under your arms and the other place (you know where.) Even if nobody is seeing it, E no dey scratch you?? I am not scared of using the P word but this is a family friendly website- and I’m sure you get the gist. Men may be bush here in Nigeria, but please give yourself an edge up by keeping it like a well-manicured lawn rather than like a jungle safari in the middle of Niger Delta!

5. Loud Mouth:

Some girls know all the lyrics of all the tracks in Terry G’s or Wizkid’s Album. No one wants a girl that’ll take em through Timaya’s discography while wearing a smile. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s all good, but what’s not good is that the Naija guy, you’re dancing with or rapping at, has already formed an opinion of you! You’re a loudmouth in his head. And you seriously can’t fault him for this assumption.

What the average Nigerian who wants to have something serious with you- thinks about is; “what will my people say about this girl?”

Truth is; if he can’t bring you home to momma u can’t roll. Men can’t stand a woman whose every word is a curse; mothereffer this, son of a —– that et cetera. Kindly have at least; an ounce of class and act like a lady not a bus conductor!

The solution, buy a mirror and rap before a date, that way you can spit all ur epic shii and still form all night. Remember men like babes that form, they just don’t know it. You have to be good at the forming cos if they catch you……

You don’t have to be miss perfect, act it abeg, all you want is the ring abi?
Do the above and I can guarantee that one out of three guys will marry you and you can get the rock and a lavish wedding, and we will call Pasuma to come and sing.

If you want a marriage tho, just be yourself. If there’s anything I have learned its that true love has no rules and if it’s meant to be, it will.

DISCLAIMER: If you do choose to follow the rules/advice above(and some of them are actually really good), endeavor to read between the lines. This girl shall not be responsible for any black eyes due to your pretense. For those of una wey wan crucify me, most of it is a guys’s opinion oh I just tink am small reason say na true.

Feel free to add yours sha and the bois can agree to disagree.


38 thoughts on “How to get a Nigerian man to marry you, and FAST!!

  1. I’ve recently met a 51 year old divorced Nigerian gentleman and researching thru the internet for better understanding of the culture, relationship expectations, etc…. I truly enjoyed your commentary! Thank you very much!!

    • I’m dating one now and I’m American. I love him. I feel safe with him. I trust him. He has gotten me out of my shell. He is hard to openup very critical about things But his intentions are good.

  2. Nigerian Men are the hardest men to love on this planet and if I were any american woman I would truely think long and hard and please dont rush because he has yet to reveal his true self,and his culture and I speak from personal experience.This is truely an eye opener.Do not marry Nigerian.Their primary goal is to come and have full roam of the united states only.

    • Hey tami, all Nigerian men are not that way….just like men from other countries you just have to be careful, prayerful and put ur head down when dealing with them…..thanks for reading

  3. The op is nothin but an idiot, how can u say endeavor to be light skinned, we are not color obsessed like westerners, don’t u know that bleaching permanently destroys a black womans skin tone. For Gods sake should dark skinned girls feel bad about themselves, thank God that most of our female celebrities are dark to chocolate skinned e.g genevieve, omotola, ini edo, mercy Johnson et al. Pls don’t go around spreading your selfhate, how can u advocate dishonesty in marriage,” the woman should not say that she has had above three men” just listen to yourself . Mehn you are disgracing Nigerians oh

    • ogbeni calm down before u crucify me…..this is a sarcastic post……am not advising anyone to bleach or lie btw d lines and understand before u start throwing punches……..tnx for taking time out to read my post xoxo

      • Oops sorry, is now that am getting the satire in the whole thing. Too bad I took it literally, am sorry for hitting you like that and thanks for even allowing my post to be shown. Take care sister you are a real funny person

  4. Why are so many Non Nigerian women chasing Nigerian men? Are you desperate or what? It seems like they are so happy when they finally find a Nigerian man. What about the millions of guys out there

  5. I think Nigerian men are a hot commodity out there. Women are flocking around to these men like they are a real desperate bunch of birds looking for bread

    • Well, I’m an African American woman. My fiancé is Nigerian. I assure you, I didn’t chase him at all. I wasn’t looking for anyone nationality specifically. All I wanted was a man to love and care for me the way God intended. It just happened to be a naija gentleman. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I DONT chase men. I was raised to know my worth. I was also taught not to speak ill of others. If nothing else, I would hope the fact Nigerian men are regarded well should make their parents proud. They successfully raised great humans.

      • Congratulations hun…..if you read the post well, you’d realize i was being sacarstic…….” If you want a marriage tho, just be yourself. If there’s anything I have learned its that true love has no rules and if it’s meant to be, it will”……..that was at the end of the post……….congratulations again and all the best in your rthship…….thanks for reading

  6. non Nigerian women dat dating Naija men, come on gurls.. open ur eyes. Don’t wait till ur money dry and u fell in love in so hard then he will dump u after u ask him to be more serious… and most of them are cheaters! they are all unfaithful. its in their genes, dat one woman is never enough! trust me I’ve known many nigerians and date some of them and the rest… still the same.. heartless mean and cheaters!

  7. at the very first stage, they will pamper u up.. u will fell in love easily. they are so nice only when they tried to catch u and to approach u, until u see the real them🙂 I will never date a nigerian men again in my life.. all is the same! rubbish! uncivilized and fraudster!

  8. Hi guys im dating a nigerian guy and he’s been telling me that she was married and her wife died last year,and he has two children girls.i love this guy so much and I’ve talked with his mum we dont stay together i visit him every problem is that my dad does approve of me dating a nigerian guy i dont know why.and even scared of telling him that my dad doesn’t like nigerian guys.this December he wants me to go with him to Nigeria but im scared of my dad.he talked about having kids and we are not yet ready for that and marriage no we not really want to believe this guy and everything he tells me about him,his family,and his dead wife if that really true.i need help guys what can i do can i believe him

  9. When God created a human being, He never set aside sum specifications as to who HE was creating, HE just created a human being, as a result Nigerians are also human beings. My job entails a lot of Travelling both abroad and Africa. I have toured a few of Nigerian States and was very much pleased by the Nigerian hospitality whilst in their country. I wouldnt mind to be their Makoti and make friends with them…..mcwaaaaa. (kisses n hugs). Any man interested may hook up with me. True love does not have colours just like our SA men here.

  10. Pearl, only God knew ur plans before u were born. Your joy and happiness comes first. The opportunity is right by ur door step, grab it!!!!!but please alert your family. Gud luck

  11. Such a cool post! Hilarious to the core but some good points too. My nigerian guy is so good with my kids and very homey too. Not so cash generous but loves my Christian side and my hip hop side too. We have tons of up fun and he is so refreshing and alert most of the time.

  12. I really agree. Nigerian men are absolute cheaters. They really know how to sweep you off your feet at first, but when it’s all said and done they’re nothing but liars, cheaters, manipulators decievers, womanizers, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on. They will look you in the eye lie right through their teeth and then tell you they love you. The feel they can cheat and do whatever they want and you have no right to question them. They critique every little thing about a woman but fail to check themselves first. Now there must be a very small amount of good nigerian men out there because where there’s bad there’s good, but in this case there are a whole load of bad nigerian men. Speaking from experience. Period said and done.

    • Babes, there are loads of amazing nigerian men out there, you probably had a bad experience, and am sorry for that. I hope you meet an amazing guy that treats you like the queen you are. Thanks for ur comment

    • @Christina true Nigerians man look you in the eye and you will believe all is true then they will manipulated you 😐 I am in a relationship with a Nigerian man and I always pray 🙏 that he is true to me.I hope I am not wasting my time with him.I have a baby girl with him and me staying with my parents.

      • Honey he is not a true man,let lone a Nigerian man. They have so much pride and why are you living with parents ? Really? Making babies and doing child like things. Whee is his thinking cap at for you,the baby and himself. You should have your place!

  13. Give quran for a birthday present? lmao
    First muslims dont celebrate birthdays.
    second, Quran isnt like bible where you can slip in passages. ftr we dont have passage in quran

  14. I am dating one at the moment , he’s the sweetest man ever , makes me feel like I’m a queen , thanks for ur tips … I’m inlove

  15. I loved your humor and sarcasm. You were joking and being exaggeratted to make apoint. Thank you. I was able to read between the lines and understand what you really meant. Bless!

  16. today i just started dating a nigerian man hes in his 20s and im almost 16 we have not yet to meet because hes in west africa and im in america. he is already talking about sex and marriage with me wen ever we meet, anyone got some good advice for me on this sorta thing?

    • Hi Lexus. I know your probably excited about meeting someone new, but be careful about Nigerian guys u meet online asking for such things. Also under not circumstance should you send money to someone u have never met no matter what. All the best

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